Quality Furniture Restoration & Refinishing
For Residential and Commercial Settings

Custom Color Matching

Quality Furniture Restoration & Refinishing

When Gomillion restores your furniture, antiques, piano, pool table or wood paneling in your home or conference room your options are nearly endless:

  • Hundreds of stain and paint colors
  • Special finishes like chalking, whitewashing, colored glazes and high gloss lacquers
  • Hand-painted floral, geometric patterns or faux stone accents
  • New finishes that combine a magnificent “hand” with unparalleled durability

Expert Color Matching

Ask for a finish to match your other pieces of furniture and marvel over the precision of our color matching.

Quality Control Options

Our Quality Option Program allows you to control costs by specifying the quality of refinishing you want. Not every piece should have the crème de la crème in finishes. Some wood furniture cannot benefit from the best finish. Sometimes, the inherent quality of the piece, the use for which it is intended or, simply, one’s budget calls for less than premiere finishing. We understand this completely and can advise you in choosing the most appropriate quality level. We also can assure that you will be delighted with the results at every level.

The following levels for refinishing are available in any sheen from matte to gloss:

Excellent Furniture Refinishing This affordable finish uses stain, sealer and several coats of clear to give oak, walnut, rosewood and teak a wonderful, open pore finish

Superior Furniture Refinishing To enhance the grains for a richer appearance, we use dye stains, oil stains and shading lacquers with sealer for an open pore to demi-pore finish

Premier Furniture Refinishing This closed pore finish involves the use of dyes, stains, grain fillers, glazes and shading lacquers to produce the deepest, richest finish, our finest finish yet